Workshop → Between Waves

A public-facing, free workshop where people draw alphabetic letters together to create a font that represents inclusivity and community. The goal is to bring people together to be creative and make something as a community. I turned the laundry cart as a moving space to roll around the community and encourage people to draw out alphabetic letters.

To bring my vision of a “moving heterotopia,” I transformed a laundry cart into a workshop space, enabling me to bring the creative process directly to the public. The goal was to invite people to join in creating alphabetic letters together. Rather than confining the design process to the realm of individual expertise, the workshop fostered a sense of collective ownership and empowerment, with each participant contributing to the formation of a typeface. 

I’m incredibly thankful to everyone who took part in the workshop. The energy and creativity people brought were truly impressive, and I loved chatting with the diverse group of people at the park. As we worked together, exchanging ideas and experimenting with different letterforms, the boundaries between designer and participant dissolved, giving rise to a shared sense of artistic expression and community. These conversations were a great source of inspiration and helped us feel connected as a community.

During this workshop, I gained a deep understanding of the dynamics of leading a session for individuals without a design background. I had the chance to chat with a variety of people, each with their own background and goals: a French lady who came to the States to learn English, a college student who is also doing workshops for a Graphic Medicine Club, a young boy who is visiting Boston with his mom for two days, etc. These interactions showed me how art brings people together, regardless of background, interests, age, or language.