Thesis → Between Waves

“Between Waves” is a comprehensive exploration and guide for reimagining design spaces to foster inclusivity and community engagement. This thesis delves into collaboration, with a focus on individuals or groups blending diverse talents—artists, children, families, community members, and even strangers—to create impactful visual content and projects transcending conventional boundaries. Integrating the concept of heterotopia into graphic design, my work aims to cultivate dynamic and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity, challenge norms, and inspire transformative change.

This exploration emerged from recognizing a significant divide between everyday individuals and professional designers. This realization fueled a desire to create universally accessible spaces nurturing untapped creativity and encouraging experimentation. Inclusivity, as discovered, relies on breaking communication barriers and embracing diverse voices, sparking curiosity to explore these dynamics within design contexts. Additionally, my work examines heterochrony within graphic design, manipulating the notion of time and temporality to challenge dominant narratives and explore alternative viewpoints.

Ultimately, “Between Waves” embodies the evolving conversations and interactions within design environments, forging a new narrative and anchoring collaborative spaces in inclusivity and boundless creative potential.

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