Editorial Design →  My Future Belongings

The booklet is a bridge between my past and future—a time capsule that captures the essence of who I am at this moment, projecting it forward into the unknown. It connects the dots between the experiences that have shaped me and the possibilities that lie ahead.

I had a hard time thinking about what it’ll be like for me in 2027. I think it’s so easy to guess around that it becomes hard to express what I want the future to be like. Does it help if I just tell you what I want for 2027? Is it all gonna happen like this easy within 5 years? I pull out maps of where I have lived in the past, walking and searching, hoping to collect all the memories that I had and show them to the future me. The future is where we all hope to end up, even if by then it is the present. The future is a place of both hope and despair. 

Putting together a booklet of my personal belongings and predicting their futures has turned into a fascinating journey. In the pages of this booklet, every item I’ve gathered becomes more than just a possession; each holds its own story and potential journey.